Automatic GST Calculator

All you need to do is define the rate of GST applicable on your product and you are done! The software automatically calculates CGST, SGST or IGST based on the location of your business. Thi saves you a lot of energy, effort & time!

Magic Merge Facility

No need to rush to the CA’s office anymore! With Magic Merge, you can prepare invoices at your premise and your CA can file returns and perform accounting tasks at another place using offline data portability feature.

Windows based software

A lot of softwares are Windows compatible, but how many are Windows based? Profit Lite is a true Windows based software that provides numerous options specifically for Windows and other OS as well.

Fully customizable invoice

Powered with an inbuilt report editor, you can easily get a grid excel format to edit and customize your invoices. You can instantly export the files in many formats like MS Excel, PDF etc. helping you save time as well!

Manage Digital Documents

Under new laws, it is important to maintain 7 year records. Finding that difficult? Profit Lite’s in-built digital document management feature helps you scan and store documents along with your accounts data!

Magic Search Option

Accessing a multi-phased interface can be difficult. Not with Profit Lite! Just press F12 and a search option pops up. You can enter your query and the software will immediately guide you to the relevant option or page!