Our Benefits

Latest Technology

Profit Lite is built on Dot Net technology, Microsoft Access database and employs the most advanced technology. The software is based on Windows hence the program is absolutely compatible with the OS.
The software helps you multitask as well! Just open multiple tabs and resolve several tasks simultaneously!

Data Security

Your data is in safe hands as Profit Lite deploys the latest Microsoft ACCESS database!

Fully Customizable Screens

Default themes and fonts can be really uncomfortable and on occasions you can't even change it.
That's not the case with Profit Lite! You can adjust your entire screen to match your preferred settings while customizing reports as well.

Merchandise Management

Profit Lite helps you in managing your inventory with unmatched efficiency using purchase, sales and production vouchers. With effective usage you can reduce dead stock as well.

Governmental Regulations

Profit Lite is designed for the GST era! Statutory reports that comply with the current and upcoming Government compliances are provided beforehand!

Prepare vouchers & reports

Using Profit Lite you can quickly & easily enter cash receipt and payment, bank receipt and payment journal vouchers, purchase & sales vouchers, purchase & sales return vouchers and production
vouchers, Inward & outward services as well.

CRM Functionality

Customer relationships can help in propelling your business to an entirely new level. With Profit Lite you can ensure a healthy business-customer relationship by effectively managing your customer database.

Data Back-Up And Restore-

Data is priceless, but is it secured? No need to worry about it when you have Profit Lite! You can set regular backup schedules as per your requirement to keep data in safe hands!