Business involves various tasks on different levels. Keeping a track of everything while gradually resolving all issues can be a bit tricky at times. Channelizing your efforts on limited tasks can be helpful, but that also means that few aspects go unnoticed.

Taxation, accounting and billing are few such aspects that need a lot of attention, but due to focus on other things, they get ignored. The repercussions of the same hurt a business in the long run. Not filing taxes on time, having a poorly maintained account book & having improper records are some ramifications that are frequently experienced.

Profit Lite is designed to tackle these problems. Here are the top 4 features that the software offers to make managing Business an easier task-


  1. Automatic GST Calculator

Calculating GST has proved to be a tough task mainly because of varying proportions. But, in Profit Lite all you need to do is define the GST applicable on your product. The software calculates the GST as per your location!

  1. Digital Document Management

The Law says that it is mandatory for you to maintain 7 year old records, worrying already? No need to sweat about it! Profit Lite has an inbuilt Digital document Management feature that scans your documents and stores it along with your accounting data.

  1. Magic Search

Can one touch of a button guide you through all your problems? With Profit Lite, yes it is possible! Press F12 and type in keywords related to your query, you will be instantly taken to that option!

  1. Easy Upload in GST Portal

You can get GSTR 1 in JASON format which can be straight away uploaded in GST portal. Through Profit Lite, you can even prepare E way bill which is going to be mandatory from 1st April, 2018.


Using these 4 features you can save a lot of time & resources and you can also get issues resolved without focusing constantly on them!

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