Comfort and convenience are two things that matter the most in any system. Without them, how can anyone operate properly? Tasks are easier to accomplish when it is simple for you, isn’t it?

Working on rigid systems can hence be a problem. What can be a solution then?

A brilliant interface can be the answer. But, would that suffice? People have preferences, and an interface is just a preference of a limited set of people. How can the software be amicable for everyone or for a major chuck of users at least?

By having customizable options!

When users can customize preferences according to their volition, every task becomes easier and every feature of the software becomes simpler to use.

Profit Lite is a one of its kind software that empowers users with customizing options that are unheard of in any accounting and billing software. Here are two ways in which smart customizing makes life easier for you-


Fully Customizable Screens-

If you are not comfortable with the background themes, default fonts, font sizes and background colours, you can never be comfortable using the software! Profit Lite allows you to customize the screen and other options in a way that suits you the best!


Fully Customizable Invoice-

Tired of sending out invoices in bland formats using a rigid editing interface? Not anymore! Profit Lite has an inbuilt editor that helps you customize your invoice format the way you want!  You can also export your invoices to multiple formats, saving time and energy in big proportions!


When are you going to make the most of customization in your business?

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