What can you do in such a small amount?

Maybe you can have a cup of tea, or pay for a short bus fare or buy a couple of candies for kids. But is there anything significant that you can do with Rs.8 to spend in your pocket? You can assess your options, but to do anything worthwhile in that amount is almost mythical. Even servers don’t accept tips below Rs.10!

But, you could still turn the tides of your business by solving major problems that have plagued small business circles since ages. And yes, you can do so in just Rs.8 a day!

Profit Lite is an automated accounting & billing software that is designed to help small businesses flourish. It addresses and solves business related problems like, inventory management, calculating GST, customizing documents, managing merchandize, data security among many other problems.

Also, Profit Lite broadly solves 2 problems that small businessmen face currently- complicated systems & expensive softwares.

Profit Lite has a user-friendly interface that is designed for easy access and quick functionality. The software also has various options that help you search terms and navigate through all the features and pages.

Small businesses also feel that a high prized software is not needed and resort to traditional methods for accounting. But, that appertains to many irregularities which hampers business growth. Profit Lite aims at eliminating this issue, and hence it is prized nominally! The cost is so less that you can afford the software by skipping just one cup of tea every day!

Are you ready to turn the tides of your business?

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